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Some comments and notes to various R documentations.
Official Documentations
  • An Introduction to R is based on the former "Notes on R", gives an introduction to the language and how to use R for doing statistical analysis and graphics. [browse HTML | download PDF ]

  • A draft of The R language definition documents the language per se. That is, the objects that it works on, and the details of the expression evaluation process, which are useful to know when programming R functions. [browse HTML | download PDF ]

  • Writing R Extensions covers how to create your own packages, write R help files, and the foreign language (C, C++, Fortran, ...) interfaces. [browse HTML | download PDF ]

  • R Data Import/Export describes the import and export facilities available either in R itself or via packages which are available from CRAN. [browse HTML | download PDF ]

  • R Installation and Administration [browse HTML | download PDF ]

  • R Internals: a guide to the internal structures of R and coding standards for the core team working on R itself. [browse HTML | download PDF ]

  • The R Reference Index: contains all help files of the R standard and recommended packages in printable form. [download PDF, 14MB]

  • R FAQ

  • R Newsletter

Contributed Documentations

Documents with more than 100 pages:

  • “Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics - Introduction, Examples and Commentary” by John Maindonald (PDF, data sets and scripts are available at JM's homepage).
    # good for R novices, because it introduces the basic knowledge in details; a little rough for graphics and statistical models.

  • “Simple R” by John Verzani (PDF, data sets, various PDF, PS and a browsable HTML version are available at the Simple R homepage).
  • “Practical Regression and Anova using R” by Julian Faraway (PDF, data sets and scripts are available at the book homepage).
  • The Web Appendix to the book “An R and S-PLUS Companion to Applied Regression” by John Fox contains information about using S (R and S-PLUS) to fit a variety of regression models.
  • “An Introduction to S and the Hmisc and Design Libraries” by Carlos Alzola and Frank E. Harrell, especially of interest to SAS users, users of the Hmisc or Design packages, or R users interested in data manipulation, recoding, etc. (PDF)
  • “Statistical Computing and Graphics Course Notes” by Frank E. Harrell, includes material on S, LaTeX, reproducible research, making good graphs, brief overview of computer languaes, etc. (PDF).
  • “An Introduction to R: Software for Statistical Modelling & Computing” by Petra Kuhnert and Bill Venables (ZIP 3.8MB): A 360 page PDF document of lecture notes in combination with the data sets and R scripts used in the manuscript.
  • “Introduction to the R Project for Statistical Computing for Use at the ITC” by David Rossiter (PDF).
  • “Analysis of Epidemiological Data Using R and Epicalc” by Virasakdi Chongsuvivatwong (PDF).
  • “Statistics Using R with Biological Examples” by Kim Seefeld and Ernst Linder (PDF).

Documents with fewer than 100 pages:

  • “R for Beginners” by Emmanuel Paradis (PDF).
  • “Kickstarting R (version 1.6)” compiled by Jim Lemon, a short introduction in English as HTML files: download as gzipped TAR or ZIP; or browse directly.
  • “Notes on the use of R for psychology experiments and questionnaires” by Jonathan Baron and Yuelin Li (PDF). A browsable version is available at JB's homepage.
  • “R for Windows Users (version 2.0)” by Ko-Kang Wang (PDF, LaTeX source). Updates, a Postscript version and a browsable HTML version are available at KW's R Resources page.
  • “Building Microsoft Windows Versions of R and R packages under Intel Linux” by Jun Yan and A. J. Rossini (PDF, associated Makefile).
  • “A Guide for the Unwilling S User” by Patrick Burns (PDF).
  • “The R language — a short companion” by Marc Vandemeulebroecke (PDF).
  • “Fitting Distributions with R” by Vito Ricci (PDF).
  • “Econometrics in R” by Grant Farnsworth (PDF | LaTeX source).
  • “The Friendly Beginners' R Course” by Toby Marthews (ZIP, 2007-03-01).
  • “An R companion to ‘Experimental Design’ ” by Vikneswaran (PDF).
  • “The R Guide” (version 2.3) by Jason Owen (PDF, 2007-08-09).
  • “Multilevel Modeling in R” by Paul Bliese (PDF), a brief introduction to R and the packages multilevel and nlme.
  • “Statistics with R and S-Plus” by Hugo Quené (PDF).

Short Documents and Reference Cards:

  • “R reference card” by Jonathan Baron (PDF).
  • “R and Octave” by Robin Hankin (Text), a reference sheet translating between the most common Octave (or Matlab) and R commands.
  • A “time series reference card” (PDF) and a “regression reference card” (PDF) by Vito Ricci.
  • “R reference card” by Tom Short ( PDF, LaTeX source ).
Web Resources