Animated Statistics Using R (to be moved to AniWiki!)
Some miscellaneous stuff...
Animation Tricks

I considered several animation tricks (such as GIF, PDF and R graphics devices) before I ultimately chose the way of HTML & JavaScript, which is convenient for users without R or other special programs.

You may read this page if you are patient enough.

JavaScript Details

In this page, I introduced the basic theories of making animations in HTML pages with the help of JavaScript. It was not so easy to find out a proper approach because of a few difficulties; anyway, I solved those problems (e.g. caused by different web browsers) at last.

Highlight R Code

If you are interested in the highlighting of my R codes in the web pages, you may as well visit André Simon's website for the software "Highlight".

The default definition file for highlighting R code is incomplete, so in this page I just write down how to complement the R definition file.


I leave such a page here in order to collect brilliant ideas on making statistical animations. Please contact me if you are interested in my topics and have found out better approaches. (You may just leave the implementations in R to me.)


I'm obiliged to these people during the construction of this website for their contributions.